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About Abricabeats

Established in 2007, Abricabeats Music and Movement classes strive to introduce your child to the magic of music while making sure the adults have a fabulously fun time too.  In an Abricabeats class you will sing and dance along to music which spans all genres including country, eletronic dance music, rock, pop, classical and everything in between.  Classes are high energy and are based on our belief that every child is musical.  Props you will come across in class include cheer leading pom poms, rhythm ribbons, sing-a-long stories, magic bubbles, hand puppets, makaton signing and much, much more!  Our class leaders have a background in music and entertainment and we are passionate about passing on our enthusiasm about the MAGIC of MUSIC to you and your child.  Classes are themed with a learning outcome and are backed up by a monthly email to explain the science behind our fun in class.  In 2018 and 2019 we won the Best Baby and Toddler Class in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire at the Raring 2 Go Awards which was a great honour and we are continuosly updating our classes to keep them fresh, educational and mountains of fun. Classes cater for babies and pre-school children alike and we encourage you to start Abricabeats classes as soon as you feel comfortable. It's never to early to start your child's journey to discover the MAGIC of MUSIC!

Charley Wiggle Dance
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